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You’ve probably guessed it… At Anotherway Associates we like to be inspired. Extraordinarily. Ordinarily. Inspired by our heroes, but also by the people we work with, the people we talk to in our everyday lives.

Inspiration? It’s everywhere. That’s why we created Anotherway Now.

A series of live talks in Manchester and London, with the theme ‘brave choices’, Anotherway Now, like everything else we do, is about conversations. New conversations in the city we love. Conversations that allow us to grow and learn.

From internationally renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake to Meirion Jones, one of the journalists who broke the Jimmy Savile story, what better way for us to meet and talk to some fascinating people?

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You can read about our recent events below.
  • >> Jack Monroe – 19th May 2016
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    On 19th May we had our fifth event with Jack Monroe – Guardian writer, chef, transgender activist and dyed-in-the-wool leftie.

    Jack recounted their story to us in two parts: first, Jack told us about their journey from feeling grossly uncomfortable in their own skin as a child, to coming out as non-binary transgender last year.

    Jack’s second story about living on the breadline is perhaps the more well-known of the two, as it was Jack’s food blog - detailing Jack’s very real experiences of living in poverty with their young child and including Jack’s own budget recipes – that first brought Jack to the attention of the media in 2012.

    Jack’s compelling talk ended with a very authentic, heartfelt request to all of us to simply be ourselves and to let others do the same. At times Jack had us laughing, at other times we were moved. And, if one thing is for sure, it’s that it was a genuine privilege for us to hear Jack’s talk first-hand.

    This event also saw us wrap up Anotherway Now until September 2016. We’ve decided not to run our events during the summer, partly to give ourselves a break and partly because we know many of our fantastic supporters will be on holiday at various times during the sunny – or not! - season.

  • >> Consciousness: what is it? – 13th April 2016 (St. Pancras Clock Tower, London)
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    After the success of our Anotherway Now events in Manchester, we decided to bring them to London. So, on 13th April we held our first London version of Anotherway Now in the impressive St. Pancras Clock Tower. Our purpose for the evening was to reflect on the question ‘Consciousness – what is it?’, with the help of a few people who really know their stuff when it comes to the topic. Among those who put forward answers to this question was John Lloyd, the TV producer behind acclaimed TV programmes such as ‘Black Adder’ and ‘QI’. We were also joined by Anthony Peake, internationally renowned thinker on consciousness and author of nine critically acclaimed books. Finally, our very own Director and closet consciousness aficionado, Phil Brisk, had a lot to say about the subject too.

    We watched several clips on the theme of consciousness and heard talks from both John and Anthony, as well as enjoying contributions from audience members. Just like at the original Manchester events, as a a crowd we were a wonderful mix, ranging from senior managers in both the private and public sectors to university students, teachers and therapists. 

    To close the evening, we enjoyed a healthy debate on the subject of consciousness and the wider role, and responsibility, of science. Complicated, but truly fascinating stuff! 

    We hope to hold our next Anotherway Now - London event in the not-too-distant future, on another – perhaps unconventional, but certainly highly pertinent – theme.

  • >> Ameya Kilara & Tahir Aziz – 22nd March 2016
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    Our fourth event heard the delightful Ameya and Tahir from peacebuilding organisation, Conciliation Resources, talk about their experience of working to build peace along the Line of Control in Kashmir.

    Tahir and Ameya told us about the history of the conflict in Kashmir and gave us an insight into the situation there right now. For a lot of us present, this alone was a big learning!

    Tahir and Ameya also shared their personal reflections on what it takes to do their work, in the right way. They talked about some of the challenges they’ve faced and some of the questions they’ve had to ask themselves along the way.

    Finally, we, the audience, were asked to reflect on some of our own experiences and whether any of Tahir and Ameya’s learnings could be applied in some way to our own lives. Which, of course, they inevitably could be!

    This talk really captured the essence of what we wanted to do when we started Anotherway Now – two people talking honestly and humbly about the ways in which they’re making brave choices all the time. Two people consciously living in integrity with themselves and their compelling core values.

    Part-Geography/History lesson, part-interactive learning, this was certainly a stimulating and engaging evening!

    If you’d like to read more about what Tahir and Ameya had to share with us, have a look here.

  • >> Rupert Sheldrake - 14th January 2016
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    From humble beginnings to another sell-out event! We kick started 2016 with a talk from Rupert Sheldrake: distinguished Cambridge biologist and philosopher of mind.

    Sheldrake spoke about the ideas that have have won him acclaim as one of the planet's most important and engaging thinkers. Ideas that have also made him one of the most controversial figures in modern science.

    Author of The Science Delusion and one of the top 100 'Global Thought Leaders' of 2013, Sheldrake is a man who's shown immense courage in challenging some of the most cherished notions of the scientific establishment.

    His talk was one of those that had your mind whirring for days.

  • >> Meirion Jones - 19th November 2015
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    Our second event saw Meirion Jones, one of the journalists who broke the Jimmy Savile story in 2011, reflect on the brave choices he’s made in his career.

    Meirion led an evening of valuable and thought-provoking conversation. He gave us an insight into the world of the BBC, as they continually chose to supress an exposé of Savile’s crimes. He highlighted the challenges of investigative journalism and answered, sometimes-provocative, questions from an audience engaged.

    Unsurprisingly, it was a SELL-OUT with over 80 people attending! Manchester Confidential listed us as one of the ’11 Best Things To Do in Manchester This Week’.

  • >> Mireia Uranga Arakistain, Jane Bytheway, Andy Raymer - 17th September 2015
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    Where it all began! With three incredibly different but equally inspiring stories from people we know and admire.

    Mireia Uranga Arakistain, co-nominee for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize, spoke about her life as a teacher, artist, peace activist and passionate advocate for her native Basque culture. Former head teacher, Andy Raymer, drew on his experience in education to discuss sticking up for his beliefs. Jane Bytheway, coach and speaker, explored creating something positive out of an agonisingly painful experience.

    Brave choices? They were there in abundance.

    And the enthusiasm that bubbled following the talks showed us that we’d created a fresh and exciting new event in Manchester. We knew we were onto something.

    Mireia Uranga Arakistain

    Mireia Uranga Arakistain

    Jane Bytheway

    Jane Bytheway

    Andy Raymer

    Andy Raymer




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