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What we do

It ain’t fancy. It ain’t rocket science.

What we do is very simple.

In one word, our business is conversations. Stimulating them – often, through the right kind of learning experience. Participating in them. And, when we need, directing them.

Sometimes, these conversations take place in a group. A team of senior leaders, say, who are looking to draw closer or bond around a common purpose.

Sometimes, those conversations take place between two people. An individual and a coach. Or two colleagues seeking to better understand each other. Or two ‘adversaries’ eager to find a way through the mistrust and fear that sits between them.

Most frequently of all, though, the conversations that really matter are the ones that don’t happen ‘out loud’, but simply in the private space of our own head. You know, the kind of inner dialogues you have in your quiet moments. When you have the chance to ponder. The chance to mull things over, just by yourself. To chew on them. To work out what you truly think and feel.

Conversations. The more we reflect on it – the more we talk among ourselves about it – the more we understand that everything we do is aimed at encouraging the right kind of conversations.

Conversations that open the door to new possibilities.

Conversations that open the door to new and deeper understanding.

Conversations that open the door to another way of seeing and thinking and acting and being.

Conversations. We love them. We believe in them. If you do too, let’s talk.

On yer bike
What can you learn about yourself as a leader from the saddle of a bike? Quite a lot. Join our specialist coaches in Yorkshire, Dartmoor or the Swiss Alps for some experiential learning of the most potent kind. It’ll change your perspective in every way!

Only got three hours?
We understand. Jammed diaries. Endless ‘to-do’ lists. Hard-to-herd colleagues. They all make it tough to block off a whole day for training. So ask us about our three-hour workshops. On inclusion. On resilience. On a whole range of topics. A manageable first step on your journey to change.

Make friends with failure
We all experience it. We all learn from it. So how can we embrace it – as individuals, as organisations? Our ‘failure’ workshops are not doom-and-gloom. They’re about robustness, recovery – and a lot more besides.

Do you bring your whole self to work?
And, do your colleagues? If not, you may be ‘editing’. Editing, a term coined by one of our associates, is the enemy of creativity and productivity. We think editing - and what causes it - is a very big deal. Ask us if you’d like to know more.

Ready for a deep dive?
Then perhaps you’d like to join us on a three-day retreat. Bespoke. Challenging. For leaders from different organisations - or for members of a single team. In the words of previous participants:
revelatory - and transformational.

‘Coaching culture’ - make it real
Don’t dismiss it as a glib idea. Creating a coaching culture makes sense for any organisation. And it’s highly achievable. Give us a day and we’ll show you how.




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